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“Having only absolutely blown up all transcendental worlds, we can save the terrestrial world.” Azsacra Zarathusta NihillihiN & Absolute Break of the Spirit

1The atoms of kshatriya who have courageously overcame all former nihilistic limitations and thus “can’t be killed and/or d-e-s-t-r-o-y-e-d”[1] are immediately impelled to a new mysterious kingdom on earth, a new life-giving enigmatic Shunyaworld of NihillihiN, where all previous conceptions on human destiny in the cosmos become absolutely inapplicable. Azsacra Zarathustra writes:

To K-i-1-1 «maya» → means to Blow Up «samsara» simultaneously and as each single «I» and as each «Universal State» as such. Why? → After a Victory of any revolution → the State, which was born as a result of this revolution, is/ist/est inevitable «a genocide of Heroes» [2]

2Beyond the magical point zero, the kshatriya is then free from all traits and drives that are caused by all passive human individualisms. In this stage actions no longer “karmically” feedback horizontal effects or reactions→←→←←→, but rather flow upwards↑, like a rocket that heads towards empty space, towards the realms of Shunya…In Azsacra´s writings this change is very often expressed symbolically when contrasting the Tiwaz/Tyr rune ↑ to horizontal vectors (←→). Such vertical spiritual trait is always characterized by a very stable character, transcending the physical laws and categories of time, space and causality. In the case of noble and virile kshatriyas such trait is called in Sanskrit as virya, which has mostly been symbolized in the past as an erect phallus, in concordance with the impression caused by the ↑ rune. However, this term virya is hardly translatable into English. Based on the specific phenomenology it entails, it seems that the more adequate definition is “The masculine strength required in sadhana and in yoga” [3]. And yet even the latter definition is still too heavy and burdensome to capture the attribute we are referring to in this essay. “Are not all words made for the heavy? Do not all words lie to the light ones? Sing! speak no more!” [4] Let´s start speaking then with the voice of the over-noumen

3The virya attribute or virtue is what actually characterizes the Aryan condition, this is, the Noble condition in its highest and more eminent sense; in its most regal sense… When reading the former, many scientists who develop their research based on modern scientific paradigms would however feel impelled to verify if they can actually measure such spiritual attribute, since according to the materialistic assumptions of today´s scientific paradigms, what can´t be measured can´t actually exist… And yet in this case, the virya attribute shall never be industrially commercialized like fast-food cookies, since the virya attribute is unapproachable by scientific mentalities; it is an attribute that only emerges in situations of chaos, danger, or whenever all individualistic or materialistic tendencies are broken into pieces. Therefore struggle, fight, war and combat constitute the most adequate domains where the virya phenomena can be manifested. Scientists are however always too far from such domains, and it is quite obvious that the virya condition is as incompatible with laboratories as water is incompatible with fire…

4Azsacra´s Shunya-Revolution is definitely the proper context required in order for such spiritual fire or virya to be adequately fed. As he points out, the whole practice is based on the Shunya wisdom: “if you think you see the real God —Kill him and move on” [5]. And what is the actual product of such intense combustion of idols?… Nothing, pure emptiness, pure Shunya… These typically kshatriya modes of action are the precondition for awakening a form of energy that is still mysterious, even for the most sophisticated modern scientific techniques. This virtue related to the capacity to increase the energetic potentials within conditions of chaos and unstable balance corresponds to the Eastern concept of qi [6] or to some extent to the most recent modern Western idea of “second wind”[7]. Deep down, this energy can only be apprehended symbolically.

5So let´s suppose that at last by burning all our human attachments and by thus transcending all reductionist views of life we are now in a realm that is far beyond the limitations and burdens caused by our human individualities, a place where according to Azsacra Zarathustra: “I rebel; therefore I exist in NihillihiN [8] Let´s suppose as well that after dominating the winds and having flown like sovereign eagles we are reaching even higher, thus inevitably dominated by mysterious cosmic forces… In outer space, in pure nothingness, in a pure material vacuum. This is the spiritual realm that Azsacra is always impelling us to reach with his over-philosophy. Within these heavenly domains, even the most advanced concepts of science and thermodynamics shall be exhausted, destroyed and tossed aggressively to the cosmic fire, allowing the combustion of something totally unpredictable and non-scientific. It is precisely here where the miracle that all religions and spiritual traditions point to takes place…

6Please try to stay as Shiva and Shakti in the centre of samsara, in the eye of the hurricane, as we shall assist here the detonation of the atomic bomb of kshatriyas

7* * *

Once upon a time there emerged the “Big Bang” theory, which allows men to happily accept their insignificance and their passive dispersion as disconnected atoms in the universe; the dispersing and disconnecting dynamics of these atoms constitute the centrifugal swastika of death.

But in NihillihiN the significant atoms of kshatriya flow to Shunya, as a necessary and inevitable counter current of forces. The dynamics of these atoms of kshatriya constitute the centripetal swastika of life.

8* * *

In the remotest confines of the galaxies, emerging from dense molecular cloud configurations and atoms of kshatriya, a powerful gravitational interaction starts to intensify between the diverse belligerent atoms. In order to intensify the molecular friction/interaction, the concentrated attractive gravitational forces among the molecular cloud´s elements have to oppose the gravitational forces of dispersion provoked by the domain that is external to such collection of atoms. Here emerges symbolically the ubiquitous opposition of forces that Azsacra´s refers to when considering the “Swastika of life vs swastika of death”, this is, the conflict that appears between the centripetal forces of life against the centrifugal forces of death; the conflict between negative entropy and positive entropy…

9If during this phase, the external gravitational forces -or what Nietzsche referred to as “spirit of gravity”- become more powerful than the inner gravitational forces caused by the atoms of kshatriya, then the molecular cloud shall expand and ultimately scatter. This generally occurs when all rebellions become watered down and cooled by political or social ideologies… However, if by chance there emerges what Azsacra defines as “the enigmatic Rebel contrary to all political rules of all rebellions and all revolutions”[9], then irreversibly the resultant of all the inner concentration forces becomes greater, and then the inner turbulences and pressures shall considerably increase within the cloud of atoms of kshatriyas. If such turbulences and pressures become powerful enough, then they shall favor as well the appearance of friction and energetic dissipation in the form of entropy, high temperatures, and heat. As a side-effect, global warming necessarily accelerates and destruction becomes exponential as the required prerequisite for creation… The latter increase of temperature among the atoms of khsatriyas can as well increase the presence of plasma, which itself facilitates the electronic conductivity and the conditions of non-linearity. At this point nothing can be humanly predictable, and everything is just at the verge of an abyss… These former phenomena also increase the apparition of long range interactions by means of very diverse wavepattern emissions…

10Thermodynamically, the generated entropy caused by the friction among the belligerent atoms of kshatriyas tends to expand centrifugally, in the entropic form of heat and radiation. Yet this flux towards the exterior of the cloud supposes an impediment in order to attain the internal energy threshold required for detonating a specific singularity that consists in a nuclear reaction in the core of the atoms of kshatriyas… Let´s recall that we are situated here within a totally open system where all electromagnetic radiation leaks to the exterior, at the expense of no accumulation of internal energy (→←→←←→)

only when the Atoms of Kshatriyas Overcome [Over-Rising] a Magical Point of Zero of Shunya → their Power becomes Absolute

Azsacra Zarathustra. The Atoms of Kshatriyas [10]

11And here, very close to the singularity, arises the critical moment… The only way that this process can be inverted, so that the swastika of life can defeat the swastika of death, is if the internal energy can concentrate enough and detonate at last a “thermonuclear” reaction, this is, if the cloud is somehow capable of predisposing the radiation and fluxes to be absorbed by the nucleus in the form of internal energy (swastika of life), impeding in this way the leakage of radiation and heat towards the exterior (swastika of death)

12The latter condition implies that the internal energy should not be entropically dissipated but, contrarily, it should allow the core to experience neguentropic (negative entropy) processes of internal energy accumulation. But this neguentropy arising in the core of the atoms of kshatriyas would contradict the second principle of thermodynamics, unless somehow in the nucleus there is “stored” information relative to the molecular cloud as a whole, as well as in its parts. [11] We know that in nature seeds are characterized by having this cosmic information mysteriously embedded…On the other hand, all the atoms of kshatriya would have to self-organize and act like miraculous and beautiful starling flocks, and thus synchronistically impede the aforementioned energy leakages to drive towards the exterior… In order for this to occur, this is Azsacra´s premise: “Attacking Particles of Will to Power and new Centres of Force for the sake of a holy rebellious Yes to Life” [12]

13If this process is taken to its ultimate consequences, an “atomic bomb” is finally triggered, and as Azsacra writes: an “Exploding Atom of Kshatriya that produces even more energy of Brahma and light than a Nirvana” [13] The Absolute Center of the “swastika of life” is reached, and a human/cosmic mutation takes place. Gods and goddesses are themselves fearful of this ascending process; fearful of the capacity of the atoms of kshatriyas to attain such levels of power.

14A new star is born. A new King emerges, because as Azsacra writes only kshatriyas are rightfully Kings”

15* * *

While the “Big Bang” theory reaffirms the scientific minds of our times to believe that entropy shall always win, and that death is universally inevitable, Azsacra Zarathustra presents us with an Atomic Bomb of kshatriyas, a radical counter-current proposition on the dynamics of force and energy, capable of allowing the atoms of kshatriyas to flow upwards ↑, by employing destruction as the absolutely necessary prerequisite for absolute creation. Based on NihillihiN, any residual trait of nihilism just doesn´t make any sense. In all the myths and legends that refer to the capacity of humans to elevate themselves to the highest realms of power, the symbol of all symbols that refer to this process has always been the biggest power in our human universe, the one to which we all owe our own lives: the Sun.

16For instance, Luc Benoist says that the Sun is the “cosmic intelligence that illuminates” [14], and S. H. Nasr, by linking such idea to the cosmic buddhi of the Hindu tradition, calls it the “symbol of the intelligible principle of the universe” [15]. The ancient Egyptian called the Sun the eye of “Ptah”, the “Great Lord” of the Egyptian pantheon, lord and creator of all gods [16]. Ra personifies the Sun in its plenitude; it is the “One God, creator of gods, that came to being when all its members were called”[17]. In the Indo-European world, the Sun appears in the Greek tradition as “The Eye of the God of Heavens” (Dyaus Pitar) and as the eye of Zeus Pater, of Mythra and Varuna in the Hindu tradition. It appears as Jupiter in Roman mythology, and in the Nordic tradition of the Edda [18] Odin/Wotan was represented as a god of only one eye.

17The Sun was also perceived as the “revelation of God, the Universal Spirit” [19]. For the north-American Indians, the Sun is beheld as the creature that occupies the highest rank in the scale of manifestations of the “Great Mystery”, considered to be the “Power that penetrates it all”. For the Pawnee, Shakuru, the Sun is the biggest and more powerful of all gods [20], and for the Sioux it is the image of wakan-Tanka, “the great spirit” or father. As stated by the Sioux priest Black Elk: “The moon comes and goes, yet ampetu wi, the Sun, lives eternally”: it is the source of light and because of this it is equivalent to Wakan-Tanka [21]. The Inca consider the Sun as the son of Vira-Cocha, the creator and lord of the universe [22]. In Buddhism the spirit that sparkles in the inside of men “can never be extinguished by doubt or fear, in the same way that solar light cannot be destroyed by the fog or the clouds (…) The glorious Sun of Buddha´s nature sparkles in the Zenith of the illuminated consciousness, yet men still dream a dream of illusion (…) Make your heart be as pure as possible so you never become unworthy of the Sun which reflects upon you the Universal Spirit” [23]. For Heraclitus, the Sun is the most powerful of all celestial bodies and a manifestation of the “wise fire” constituting the substance of the Logos, as well as an inspirer and director of the cosmic order [24]. Plotinus would say that the Sun is “a constant center of reference for the light that depends on it, and an unmoved and identical point to which all that exists is oriented, it is the visible symbol of what is Good (…) The only thing towards which everything directs itself”, as the points of the circle in regard to its center [25].


The aforementioned process is inevitable, and human freedom becomes significant to the extent that one chooses to become determined by the downward currents of this process symbolized by the swastika of death, or rather aiming to participate in the upward currents symbolized by the swastika of life. As is presented in this essay, such decision requires kshatriya candidates to become familiarized with the deep implications embedded in Azsacra Zarathustra´s NihillihiN over-philosophy, and to be very honest about its cosmic consequences. Nowadays it is very obvious that a huge percentage of social and “revolutionary” movements hardly touch the core issue at stake: the inadequacy of human ethics or morals in relation to Nietzsche´s “sense of the earth”, this is to the global planetary conditions that have run amok since a long time ago… However, there are still alternatives, as those wisely presented by Azsacra, yet these necessarily imply a radical redefinition of what is “good” and what is “bad” based on new assumptions. In the case of the atoms of kshatriyas, what is good is to flow upwards, towards the singularity, towards nothing, in Shunya, in NihillihiN… And what is bad is to release from the tension and to start being determined by comfortable human ethics. This could be considered thus an absolute morality, required for the necessary Absolute Revolution of the Spirit.


Limits of Limits! It would seem that the Absolute Revolution is the Absolute Spiritual Rising, but and here rebellious Azsacra Zarathustra goes further. He gamely fully rejects “the most enigmatic sacred words” of Krishna from the BhagavadGita. Namely, the Supreme Lord said:

I am Death, the mighty Destroyer of the world, out to Destroy. Even without your participation all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to exist.

Therefore, get up and attain Glory. Conquer your enemies and enjoy a prosperous Kingdom. All these [warriors] have already been Destroyed by Me. You are only an instrument, O Arjuna. [26]

20Oh no, Krishna! Thunderous Overcrushing Azsacra Zarathustra demands from Arjuna as from the Absolute Hero, despite total “Horror of Horrors” of God, to revolt now against Krishna oneself because initially for true Arjuna — Krishna died in Krishna too. From the point of view of Azsacra’s NihillihiN: the true Overhero of a holy rebellious Yes to Life always chooses fight only with Absolute God, but not with the same “human gods” and/or the same people as such.

Exactly so! Only it is a Spiritual/Atomic bomb of Azsacra Zarathustra!

Azsacra claims: “To save the terrestrial world it is necessary to blow up absolutely all transcendental worlds!” And his rebellious metaphysical bombs fly precisely there! Beyond doubts! Here such decisive words are quoted by the creator of the Shunya-Revolution:

Only Absolutely Upright [↑↑↑] Absolutely Over: →↑←


Thus, in NihillihiN [only!]: the final countdown of every Death for every thing or Over-thing without exception, namely:

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1 = 0 to Power!

The Zero to Supremacy! [27]



COVER6 Excerpt: “NihillihiN: the Kshatriya´s Absolute Revolution”
by Miguel A. Fernandez


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