There lives an unknown time hero,
              Who built every thing from a zero,
              I could witness creation from shunya,
              Built by an atma that was punya,
              Once a villager saw in his dream,
              The need to build a temple of dreams,
              He motivated all the villagers,
              To cooperate and put in the labor,
              Soon there was a small little temple,
              Contributions came quite in ample,
              More people started coming for darshan,
              They returned home with great satisfaction,
              One person’s dream became dream of millions,
              People started pouring in, in terms of trillions,
              Small temple then became a beautiful grand structure,
              Masses ran to listen to the great spiritual lectures,
              Temple gave to devotees an experience of the transcendent,
              For many this was very very permanent,
              Their life underwent a complete transformation,
              They understood the life’s true meaning and its basic
              This temple is in the holy land of India,
              Which gave to the world the idea of Shunya,
              Everything in this world evolves from the shunya,
              Everything in this world in volutes into shunya,
              From the shunya we emerge, in the shunya we merge,
              Evolution and involution are this world’s final urge.