«Where there is Nothing the Nothing is immortal!»
Azsacra Zarathustra

The man ― if he «exists» ― is something that shouldn’t be. To love the man means not to protect him, but, as soon as possible, to annihilate his false form. «The man is a trap for God. God fall into this trap, because he bit poorly», ― thus the prophet of Nihil-Will Azsacra Zarathustra spoke. Whether time came to help God and to execute his dream to be absolutely dead from all and for all? «God is dead» ― thus spoke Nietzsche, «Nietzsche is dead» ― thus answered a God, «Nietzsche and God are dead» ― thus speaks Nihil-Will. Nihil-Will manifest oneself only when the God and the devil haven’t a force for creation and destruction. The time of Nihil-Will has come today.

The human villains feel different kinds of fears, but, first of all, it is the fear of death. The man gradually can adapt this fear and begin to believe in eternal life after death. Or, at least, begin to perceive inevitability of personal death, as something directional on others, but not for him. So fear becomes explicable, habitual and consequently not terrible. Furthermore explicable, habitual fears are capable even to give the perverted pleasure. The most foul and low illusion is the illusion of «human rescue». Like it is impossible to break a cage inside of the flying hawk, so is truly impossible (and no necessity) to rescue the man and all the mankind. So spoke: «Every Nothing can fall into the trap, therefore just you will die!» (Azsacra Zarathustra). Only something, which does not have a name is the most awful. Every horror, which not will be saying, is more terrible than any, even are laughing death. It represents the maximum danger by means of which Nihil-Will exert one’s power. When dragons of horror devour dragons of fear, it means that the human villains can’t hide in a shell of the tamed explicable horror any more. Here notorious courage turns into a shame. And all the chasm of a non-existence, which constantly looks in you and in which you stay, trembles in the face of dragons of the horror, generated by Nihil-Will. Nothing to Power is secret and decisive point of assembling of this Unstoppable Will ― of Nihil-Will. The Nihil-Will is the Nothing to Power for destruction of all freedoms and all submission, and all the formal treacherous division between the subject and object. «Wheels of Samsara are round, round, round… Therefore if the Will to Power doesn’t harden itself in the war with the Nothing, than this Will can’t be the Will to Power», ― thus spoke Azsacra Zarathustra the world prophet of Nihil-Will. So the Nihil-Will destroys shameful and false will to nothing. Nihil-Will becomes stronger, consistently passing through dying, death, death of death, the absence, a non-existence, pre-emptiness, emptiness, emptiness of emptiness, the absolute nothing and final absence. As a result of this process Nihil kills Nothing by Nothing to Power and take place Absolute Anti-Annihilation [in compliance with a principle «a holy Yes to Life»!].

People don’t exist, but continue their false lives, but without end believing in being «I am». «I don’t think, therefore I am not, ― thus proclaimed Azsacra Zarathustra. ― But just this NOT (contrary to everything!) gives to me the will becomes the Nihil-Will for total supremacy over any dying, any dispersion and over each collapsing non-existence». Within the consciousness of each man There is secret code, which allow bravely to look at face of Dragons of Anti-Destruction, and to it not capable even Death. But almost nobody can use this code. The Russian prophet with the Indian soul Azsacra Zarathustra, which seized this secret means, beheld the most hidden over-sense of all and Nothing. He won death and Nothing itself and became the Buddha of Europe. But is «exist» Azsacra itself? ― «I am me only as my own absence. I am me only as Emptiness to Supremacy», ― thus answered Azsacra Zarathustra. His way is not for all and None, because he leads not through banal thought, but through that death which many centuries human villains are trying to hide. It is necessary to overtake death before any dying; till, at the time and after own birth, in a terrifying part of an instant lightning. Everything that is comprehended, but not overtaken through death, already loses a speed and consequently will be instantly killed by retributive lightning of Nihil-Will. The Further Mathematics of the Nihil-Will is opens as the infinite sum of zeros:

0 + 0 = Nothing to Power.
0 – 0 = Emptiness to Supremacy.

1, 2, 3… etc. ― all this only give birth to rifle, which instantly destroys the any Nothing and any something. «The rifle is a holiday: everything flies to a cunt!» ― thus triumphed the Russian philosopher and poet Egor Letov. Today fatal game of destruction of the demolition itself, which is conducted by Nihil-Will is appears before the face of the amazed mankind. This game is develops step by step as a tremendous synthesis of all lost wills, forces and lives. Endless crowds of the dead people: mothers, which with one’s own hand bury at earth their cold children; children, which was strangled in black cellars; the old operetta dictators, which clung to life and to power ― all of them strangle something and Nothing with bony hands of their destroyed hopes and lost illusions. «My thoughts are made with steel! My muscles ― are made with steel! My claws ― are made with steel!  In order that all the Wise and the Ferocious rebelled at Great Midday!» ― thus the Nihil-Will warns to all the temporarily survived. This means that «nobody from us, will not come out from here alive». So Nihil-Will rebel against Nobody and Nothing in Nowhere ― for the sake of forever the coming Never. Destruction of demolition appears unconsciously and extremely imperceptibly/invisibly. If, having woken up in the middle of the night, and you felt the inexplicable horror, you must know: it is comes the Great Midday of the attacking Nihil-Will. It is not necessary be ashamed of this horror, it experience even a Chasm itself. When you will enter absolute scorching fire, you should think not about when this horror of horrors will end, but only about how much never-ending and incessantly increasing pain, which has incorporated all pain of oncological patients, you can endure? Only this hell will relieve you from the last remains of foul humanity. And when you will cry, as an animal being in agony, only then the grinning face of the final over-sense of Anti-Annihilation will appear before you for an instant.

«These overtheses for No One.
I don’t need any people.
I am myself both the God, and the soil and race.» ― thus spoke Azsacra Zarathustra ― inexorable and implacable Buddha of Europe.