The most brilliant of lights…..
Cast the Darkest of Shadows!!!

When asked by Indo-Aryan mystic Azsacra Zarathustra for a perspective on his conceptualization of ShunyaRevolution (((OverRevolution))) he did so with the full knowledge that my position and perspective are unique, a commentary and critical analysis of Shunya  as a practitioner of the Left Hand Path (Vamamarga), as an Oracle (genius loci), and as the Magus-(((OverMagus))) of the “Chaos Imperium” a Black Magickal Order located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.As the Magus of the Chaos Imperium I am tasked with the conceptualization of a new magickal formula from which will arise a power to alter, shape, and focus events of transformation, in both temporal and Spiritual realms. MetaChaos” is my Aeonic word/formula and   amongst  its various attributes, it is a method of inner concentration flowing deeply within the refined psyche eccentric consciousness (the ultimate individual) and forms a direct transmission to the Godhead of Darkness. This alignment with forces exterior to Time/Space allows for a precision of view to evaluate phenomena of varying frequency and power, however subtle, it allows the Magus to view paradox simultaneously, the only manner of physical transmission remaining somewhat within the realm of sonic vibration, (Overmetaphysical poetry id est, = (Magickal Invocation/Evocation)  of which Azsacra is a master, a vibrating Atom of Kshatriya standing before an immense abyss intoning {{{AUM}}}  beyond spacetime at a volume that  Splits the Universe!!!

Each individual Atom  of Kshatriya  possesses its own Will  (((Nihil-Will))) thus can live eternally. Azsacra Zarathustra  has stated that the [Over-phenomena  of Will to Power as Shunya] is the secret key to Occult Superiority! This bold statement can be referenced in truth to Mandelbrot Chaos Physics  where each level of r-e-a-l-i-t-y  is multiplied in ‘causal self symmetry’ individually liberated but [non-dual] all division being simultaneous.

Azsacra wisely speaks as a Lord of Kshatriyasover Atoms [卐] he invokes the Upanishads- ‘It has No shape, No colour, It is invisible and Without a name->This Brahman is called Shunya-Brahman. [Achyutananda] <~> or Azsacra=Brahman-Kshatriya, a position that from the Aerialbombing vantage point of Shunya-to-Magickal Power, is a recognition of Azsacra as a Magus tasked with the [Word] = Shunya, Shunya <~> to <~> Power!

To Be a [Brahman<~>Kshatriya]=Overmagus=Ipsissimus! one must look at Shunya, place oneself [~no-self~] in Shunya, meditate on Shunya being Voidness and the grounding (((overcenter))) of all knowledge and division of Forms<~>no Forms. To see all manifestations Universally, simultaneously! moving, growing, descending,  arising, and multiplying  into the Infinite -(((Z<->Z2 +C))) [Mandelbrot Set iteration]=Power of the Infinite! All Forms/non Forms commanded  within and without the Domain of Shunya, as a Divine/Daemonic Universal cycle. Azsacra Zarathustra’s laser piercing perception emanates from a metaphysical position where he observes the paradox of ‘Being’ and under/overstands the phenomena not as paradox, not as this and that, but as no-thing, as Emptiness to Supremacy, Nothing to Power! Kshatriya Brahman generating Reality. This conception is beautifully illustrated in Azsacra’s occult cyphers and symbology. [See; The Atoms of Kshatriyas and Secret Sanskrit-KURUKSHETRA]

Anti-Death, Yamantaka, A-HOLY-YES to LIFE!

Anti-DEATH!!! outer death=Temporal destruction, end of flesh, embodied by YAMA, (यमराज) — Lord of Death, residing at {{{7}}} level of Hell->Dharaadhala, (((obliteration of body))) cardinal compass <+> South, (also the position of fire and the occupied throne of Satan in Western Black Magickal practice) Inner-Death, ignorance of the principle of <~Non-Dual~>reality, for even the horns of Darkness and Light ascend from a single devil’s head!!! [[[Secret Death]]], Death of SPIRIT <0>ATMAN<0> Obliteration and capitulation~>to exterior, psycho, physical, quantum inertia <~> being the dual perspective of “light-mind” and “body of illusion” being [real] and “ONE.” Through {{{Shunya-Revolution}}}  bodhisattva {{{बोधिसत्त्व}}} Yamāntaka {{{यमान्तक}}} Azsacra in manifestation as  (((Master of Death))) -> (Overcomes) all forms of Death, Yamāntaka Azsacra  brings together great, taloned, claws of <~Nihil-Will~> and Crushes DEATH DOWN!!! into consecutively smaller and minute quantum singularity>>>This is an Aktion of Greater Black Magick” which takes place in the {{{Noumenon}}}  (((outside of death and within death))) grasping psychic Proto-Form !!!Vajara!!! rotating from path of ~disintegration and reintegration of the phenomena and noumena from the <~Null State~>to the Samsaric realm but with [NO RETURN] and as an energized and wrathful warrior <-+-> and <-+->Wisdom Being<-+-> as Holy Yes to Life!

Yamāntaka Azsacra mirrors the power of dark and light as (श्री भगवान् यमान्तक (Glorious Lord making an end of YAMA) and steel muscled guardian of {{{Anti-Buddha-Dharma}}} facing off with opposing ~[[[Anti-Yamāntaka-Bodhisattva]]]~crushing <Kapala-Atom> of YAMA into continual and eternal singularity of Death, smaller and more concentrated-> into infinity ~[0]~ but only through Shunya as Nihil-Will (which negates All other forms of Will, effectively destroying all Magickal Aeonic pronouncements and affirmations of WILL!!!

Bodhisattva Azsacra <~>through {{{over-death}}} via (((Shunya to Power))) <~> (((Emptiness to Supremacy))) supersedes <<<willful without over>> Atoms of Time, alters proto-source of illusions from non-time position (((where c-o-n-d-i-t-i-o-n  is not necessary for observation in refutation of Guenon))), non-mind-over-emptiness initiating death of death but aggressive {instincts} remain, as Holy Yes-to-Life!!! Treacherous Death (as cunning Yama) is revealed and negated {{{<~0~>}}} in all directions expanding o-u-t-w-a-r-d {-{-{-{Shunya shock Wave-}-}-}-} as crushing of death continues (quantum death)~destruction of death beyond smallest known element of  matter/antimatter/Atman/Anti-Atman. {{{<~><=>2+C<0>}}}

A Holy Yes to Life=Nihil-Will=Absolute Victory as overposition in conquering any victory even to the position of obliteration of {Triumph of Death!!!} Only triumph remaining is Death of Death but only as position of “Holy Yes to Life” eternity in Luciferian Light arising from obliteration of Evil and continual subjugation of Death!!!


Black Goddess Kali, the dark mother is the lowest frequency-[annihilating frequency] and like her Tibetan counterpart  <~{{{Mahakala}}}~> is Night-based and  Cthonic  and eternally generated in the deepest core of the maelstrom of CHAOS, but can only manifest through Shiva’s Will! again arising from emptiness, the ultimate over-atoms combining from four Holy Positions-Quantum-thermo-nuclear-Dorje!{{{<+>}}} integrated as a (((chain~reaction))) blasting outward from the darkest and the most <<<dense>>>of singularities penetrating all levels of space/time, anti-space-anti time, matter-anti~matter. Brahman-Kshatriya Azsacra again beautifully illustrates with ultimate power of magickal symbolism, this concept where the Angles of  the first dimension become the substance of the third!, that which  <thought> is already achieved, without lust of result,  a thousand hand projection of Shiva, each gripping a {{{swasti-chain}}} wherein the Black Goddess is held to be released at ShunyaRevolution, released at Ragnarok!, for only by first Being and Becoming a Monster, shall the Sorcerer be victorious!


Brahma-Kshatriya Azsacra’s SHUNYAREVOLUTION will only takes place after build up of Demonic Aether, a cascade of dark-energy = {{{THERMONUCLEAR<~+~> MAHAKALA!}}} (ནག་པོ་ཆེན་པོ།) This ebon power will arise from the ultimate Universal Angularity which is directed by an Infernal Cabal led by a Human Trishula, (instrument of Will to Power).

The War Call and shankha blast (!!!)  that heralds this event, will emanate from outside the Calabi-Yau (Universal manifold construct) in the ANTI-AUM!where a maelstrom of chaotic force, a writhing abyss will produce a Black Being, a psychic Trishula aimed at the heart of man, at the heart of Earth. When the Demons war, God takes notice, his great Eye is opened, the Black Sun of the Eschaton rises,  and ShunyaRevolution  will burn itself through the Soul of Man~Uber without (Man)

As of 1996 through to the day of this writing, there has been in production an occult project designed to initiate eschatonic conditions, the rise of the THURIM’ (WEAPON OF  BLACK MAGICK)  and the Forge of the Eschaton, (Engine of Ragnarok).  There can be no doubt that we  are in the blood stained dance of the Kali-Yuga (canine faced anti-Vishnu Demon) and in the manipulation of potent Hell-Beings emanating in all manifestations, as the Anti-Matter cogeries of this {{{psychoshere}}} With the Ragnarok Engine in place and committed!!! conditions prepared for the coming of Shunya-Revolution WILL BE MANIFESTED, and  as the “Darkness” is the ‘powder,’ [Shunya] is the spark and the detonation!!!] The human Trishula will be the instrument of Demonic Power-> Secret Invisible forces of Power-> [pre-condition] to Shunya to Power!


A BEAST of RENOWN !!!  (Terrible of countenance) arising from a singularity of CHAOS, pre-explosive voidness {{{<~+~>}}} foretold by philosophers and occult historians. IT, is Multi-Headed, (((W-r-a-t-h-f-u-l Drakpo!!! Vajrapani/Mahakala/Yamantaka))) and is True yet Transcendental E-V-I-L!!! as vile [men without Over], are blind to its true identity. A ‘Human Beast’ with {{{multiple heads}}} and Aggressive terrible countenance!!! surrounded by Deadly familiars,   བྱ་གཏོར་, giving of his very own Flesh to predatory KIngs of the Air!!! and to secret creeping things of the earth, (((games of Life))) and even {{{Greater games of Death!!!}}} Rituals of WAR!!! and  Over-destroying of DEATH!!!  to survive and Conquer Death, (from Nothingness to Power) Azsacra Zarathustra, Anti-Podal Buddha!

With immersion into Shunya, a human soul becomes no-longer-human <O> no~man, a direct ^ upward transcendence purified of the reductive material of human, negated <~> in all directions (Overexistence), a Body-for Revolution riding the Gotos Ring as Dharmic Wheel striking the great Blackness with his Hammer! Shukla-Kaya the brilliant whiteness! Samboga-Kaya-pure- power- of -aggression !!! incarnated into human vessel, [Vessel of Shiva] Over-Buddha and antipodal! Unlimited material body, (((Rupakaya))) <~+~> {{{anatman}}} <~+~> unlimited occult power of Prabhava demonstrated through metaphysical feats of (((Shunya to Power))) and Unlimited Longevity! (((was already dead~conquered death by destroying Death!!!))) The AVATAR Azsacra overstanding with singular momentary~Thought conjoined Prajna through One single thought-SHUNYA!, as Avatar of Shunya to Power! manifested in all directions of Celestial Compass (    )

(Only a MAGUS and {{{Living Treshula}}} can comment correctly on Outer-Spirit~King {{{རྒྱལ་པོ}}} inhabiting material essence. The merely human  will seek these men out for destruction  as they fear them, as they fear Gods or Devils. This is the Curse of a Magus and Spiritual Revolutionary.

Ich bin ein Teil von jener Kraft,
die stets das Bose will und stets das Gute schafft.

I am part of that force that would always desire the Evil,
yet would always work the good.

(J.W. von Goethe, Faust I, Scene 5)


Sorcerer of Apocalypse-Architect of Doom

Black Magician, Occultural Designer and Aesthetic Terrorist,  Diabolus Rex is the Ipsissimus {{{OverMagus}}} of the Chaos Imperium and the engineer of the Ragnarok Engine.

As a  Lord of Chaos in the modern  meta-construct, Diabolus Rex is an [[[Avatar of Mahakala]]] in his most  destructive and wrathful form and the Ragnarok Engine is the THURIM (magickal weapon) of the Eschaton!!!

Born in 1962 on the Oregon coast  Rex is an  sculptor,  artist,  autodidact, self educated  occult scholar,  and magickal researcher.  From the mid 80’s to the year 2006, Diabolus Rex was one of the most widely recognized international Satanists  and representatives of Anton LaVey’s infamous Church of Satan. Appointed to the priesthood in 1990, he made numerous appearances in print media and television interviews regarding modern Satanism, Black Magick, and “Transhumanism.”  In 1996 Rex formed what would become the darkest and most shadowed Black Magickal Order in the world today, the Chaos Imperium. This highly sophisticated Cabal works with occult forces and powers from the nebulous borderlands of the quantum,  where the the darkest of scientific theory meets the blackest of metaphysical “aktion!!!

The Chaos Imperium views the time of the eschaton and the Weir Eld-(end of human time) as the necessary component, the “anti-aumfrequency of psychic energy which will be syphoned off into the gamma singularity of the Ragnarok Engine’s  operating elements,  and a critical aid in the inertia of {{{ShunyaRevolution!!!}}}

Diabolus Rex is continuing his work on the Ragnarok Engine as well as a unique book project documenting the philosophy, cosmology, and black magical theoretics of the Chaos Imperium. Individuals or groups interested following Rex’s work can do so at