“I could be the Buddha of Europe:
though admittedly an antipode to the Indian Buddha.”
[Friedrich Nietzsche]

To hear and understand Azsacra Zarathustra, it is necessary to hear and understand before it Nietzsche, and to hear and understand in the most authentic sense of these words — directly to perceive, inexpressible by words the depth of Nietzschean Spirit. Now you understand about what I speak? You hear what doesn’t contain now in my words? There is Nietzsche “for all” and there is Nietzsche “For None”. To feel and understand last Nietzsche, it is necessary to live long near him, long to ascend together with him to his Nietzschean tops, where “The ice is near, the loneliness is terrible” where the ascension immitigablely is transforming in destiny where the soul slowly is transforming in spirit where… But how to find words?… Where is eliciting the “Will to Power”, there comes the “Eternal Return / Eternal Recurrence”, and everywhere around a traces and a presentiments of Dionysus and Übermensch.

Except Nietzsche, nobody living in these places isn’t familiar to me. And though I perfectly know that many have visited there, on a visit at Nietzsche, his well-known cave of Zarathustra, but nevertheless all of them have returned here, to us, to people, to a zone “for all”. But nobody from man’s didn’t remain there, in a zone “For No One”. No one, except Azsacra. If to tell only it, this is will be absolutely insufficiently. There any more no lived, there constantly ascend over itself, ascend through all “impossibly”, which was excogitated by man. There each instant are hurling at a risk all its being, all itself. But it too, alas, insufficiently. Something else is necessary. And here Azsacra continues to go there, still above and further away. But whither above and whither further? Whither?

You should read Azsacra’s books, penetrate in his concepts… And if you sometime understood Nietzsche, at least for an instant, or for an hour, or day, you will perceive and will understand that Azsacra goes further. One. It seems improbable, but this severe Indo-Aryan philosopher goes further of Nietzsche, Farther-Nietzsche, i.e. from stark oncoming Farther-Nietzschean prospect, he [in a new fashion] are opening for us it-self Nietzsche, Ultimate Nietzsche (one of his books is having this title, and so I named the section on a site Nietzsche.ru, where you can find texts of Azsacra Zarathustra).

Instead of Nietzsche — Nothingnietzsche,
Instead of Will to Power — Nothing to Power,
Instead of Nihilism — Emptiness to Supremacy,
Instead of the Übermensch — Über-Without-mensch and Übernoumen,
Instead of God is dead — God creates by Destruction / by Death,
Instead of Eternal Return — the Turn of Will in Over,
Instead of revolution — Shunya-Revolution and Absolute Revolution.

Now I want to share with you the surprising experience of acquaintance with Azsacra, I want to share it with all to intellectuals, thinkers, and people of culture. All of us perfectly understand modern philosophy, psychology, art and when one day we forcedly collide with brutal, rigid, warlike rituals / spiritual manifestations by Azsacra, we unmistakably diagnose them as “philosophical madness” … I admit, and I was with you in this narcissism of skilled and mature experts of human soul. I too wanted to wave away by means of quite checked up stereotypes of experience and thought from this “Master of Death”, which are philosophizing by real hammer. And I, truth, long couldn’t to adopt this increscent understanding, that I have faced the arrant exception, with something is STARK OTHER, strong, entire, calmly and cheerfully dispelling all my attempts to stagger its Spirit. Yes, I at last have face to face faced the arrant and imperturbable Apostle of Spirit. Azsacra is such, as he IS [he is real Will to Power]; he is such, as he SPEAKS. He doesn’t separate itself (himself) from the own words with which breathes, feels, knows and lives. And also he has experience corresponding to them — several the conscious clinical deaths’, real fight club in which together with him there live only Zarathustra’s beasts of prey — eagles and snakes. In exact and laconic formulas of the German-Russian language and the Sanskrit he expresses absolutely other, the future Thought-Being. And he is showing through this and himself as the itself untimely prophet, and are continuing through itself tragically broken destiny of Nietzsche.

Words… War-cries of Azsacra sound so loudly that deafen, like a hammer. In them are living and laughing the Faceless and All-Destroying Spirit. If you yet want to hear and understand him, that you should be approached to him more close, even more close in a zone “For None”, perhaps, even risking become blind or deaf. Paraphrasing of Nietzsche: “And the deafness of the deaf one, will tell about power of the heard words”. If you prefer to depart from he on safe and acceptable distance for your eyes and ears, in a zone “for all”, you will hear, of course, words, but hardly something will hear, will see and will understand.

Dmitry Future
[Dmitry Future — the editor-in-chief of a site Nietzsche.ru as well as heads publishing house “The Cultural Revolution”, which is engaged in the publication of The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche in 13 volumes]

Translation by Katya Ganeshi